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- Microcontrollers - ATMEL,PIC,Philps,Motorola,Intel,Renesas Microcontrollers

- 8051 Microcontroller projects

- Digital Signal Processing - New & Latest Technologies

- VLSI Design & Implementation - VHDL and VERILOG

- ROBOTICS - Advanced Robotics Solutions

- Power Electronics

- Electrical / Power Systems

- Motor Control & Power Management

- Proximity Card Readers,Smart Card Readers,Bar Code Scanners related Projects

- RFID - Real Time RFID Implementaion

- Fingerprint Reader based Projects

- Voice based - Voice Control / Activiation Projects

- Wireless - RF, Bluetooth, Zigbee,GSM,GPRS,WAP, Mobile Computing related Projects

- GPS based Projects

- Networking & Communication, AI, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic based Projects

- Microprocessors based Projects

- Serial, Parallel, USB Port of PC & Communication related Projects

- Controlling Devices through Internet based Projects

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