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Instrumentation Engineering Projects - TITLES & SYNOPSIS


1. Ambient conditions logger for cargo containers for international commerce transparency.

2. Portable Multi parameter loggers for versatile applications.

3. Sensor nodes design and construction for storage house parameters monitoring.

4. Versatile sensor nodes for use in WSN for burst mode or continuous data acquisition.

5. Ultrasonics level readers based flood alert system for infrastructure in the proximity of water bodies.

6. PIR sensor triggered motion detection and video surveillance system for security applications.

7. MEMS based infrastructural predictive maintenance systems with GSM alerting function.

8. Alerting head gear for drivers for preventing drowsiness of drivers using dual axis MEMS accelerometers.

9. Passenger alerting system using volatile gas sensors to detect LPG/CNG leakage in an automobile.

10. Vehicle ignition over ride system using breath analyzers for preventing drunken driving.

11. Multi parameter recorder using memory cards for fleet monitoring system.

12. Multiple coin based smart coin phone system with precise coin acceptance system.

13. Vehicle pollution monitoring and automatic service time indication with fuel quality indication for automobiles.

14. Sophisticated portable bird scaring system for agricultural applications.

15. On Board Diagnostic system for automobiles for manufacturer independent vehicle diagnostics.

16. Group elevator scheduling with advance information for normal and emergency modes in building management systems.

17. Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector.

18. Involuntary industrial power scheduler using embedded system


1. e Virtual Panels for industrial automation over the internet using embedded web servers.

2. A transparent TCP/IP channel using virtual instrumentation for signal transfers over LANs and WANs.

3. Virtual Instrumentation based SCADA for Hybrid DCS control systems in process control of industries.

4. Design of multi instrument clusters using virtual instrumentation for automobiles dashboards.

5. Virtual test benches for trouble shooting remote embedded systems through internet.

6. Low cost multi channel DAQ cards for signal acquisitions and analysis using virtual instruments.

7. Control of automatic bunkering system using virtual instrumentation.

8. Coin chargers for mobile phones and portable devices at public places.

9. e Virtual panels for WSN based monitoring of agricultural fields.

10. Cumulative power logger for distributed power consumption monitoring system.

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Instrumentation Projects,instrumentation projects for engineering students,mini projects for instrumentation and control, projects topics for instrumentation

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