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4. MesoScaled Aerial Robot



7. Electronic Hire Meter for Automobile.

8. Solar Tracking.

9. Railway Track Parameter Measurment.

10. Unmanned Railway Crossing.

11. Intelligent Petrol Bunk.

12. GSM Based Wildlife monitoring System

13. Vehicle Speed Controlling system


15. A Model ECU for Nano Car

16. RF-ID based Hospital Automation System

17. Wireless Controled Green House Automation

18. Intelligent Speed Breaker

19. Home Security System.

20. Controller based bank token display.

21. Lift control System.

22. Production Line Monitoring System.

23. Fingerprint based vehicle security System.

24. Virtual Arm

25. Under Water Vehicle

26. Heart Beat Monitoring System.

27. Patient Monitoring System.

28. Wheel chair operated by voice and hand

29. Coin Based Electronic Bus Conductor

30. Bus bar production a solution of CT saturation

31. Coin Based Mobile Phone Charger

32. Microcontroller Based Automatic Ticket Dispensing Machine

33. Finger Print based medical announcement system

34. IRIS Voting system By using ZIGBEE

35. Single phase UPS with power factor correction

36. Automatic Electronic Bus Fare System

37. Automatic St ring for Farm Vehicles Using GPS

38. Anti Hijack System For Aero planes

39. Student Number Display With Voice Announcement System

40. Windmill Monitoring Using Internet

41. Unmanned toll taxi using RFID

42. Wireless bus information system for providing blind people

43. Microcontroller based Prepaid card for Bus fair system

44. Industrial Power Saving and Automatic Attendance System

45. IR sensor based home/industrial Automation

46. A Smart Sensing Unit For Vibration Measurement And Monitoring

47. Coin box based automatic wh l air filling system

48. Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile

49. Finger print based Lift operating system

50. Ethernet based home/industrial automation

51. Security breach information for unauthorized entry based on mobile technique

52. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wh ler

53. Microcontroller based Finger print based voting machine

54. Microcontroller based automatic power factor controlling system

55. Microcontroller Based Automatic Track Guided vehicle (ATGV)

56. Microcontroller Based Phase sequence indicator and controlling System

57. Microcontroller based digital gear level indicator

58. Microcontroller Based Sensor Operated Path Finder Vehicle

59. Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone

60. Detection and Disabling of digital camera

61. DC/DC converter with Solar Panel PV applications

62. Shunt active power filter

63. I2C Based Multi Zone Thermal Monitoring

64. CAN Based Energy Billing System

65. Prepaid card for petrol bunk

66. Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system

67. Remote controlled AC/DC Motor Sp d Controlling System

68. Microcontroller Based Temperature and Respiration Monitoring System

69. RFID based identification of ATM card loss

70. Smart Sensor With CAN Bus

71. Telephone Answering and Home appliances Control system through Cell Phone

72. Microcontroller Based Automatic Railways Signaling System

73. Microcontroller Based Automatic Moisture and Light control System for Garden

74. Microcontroller based automatic Power theft identifier

75. Microcontroller Based Industry Safety Control System

76. Sensor Operated Paper Counting Machine

77. Microcontroller Based Conveyor Automation

78. I2C Based Energy Billing System

79. Microcontroller Based Building Security System

80. A RFID System To Help Visually Impaired People In Mobility

81. Microcontroller Based Digital password car parking system for apartment

82. Automatic attendance monitoring and Light ON/OFF system

83. Automated and interactive student information reporting system

84. Remote home control through internet

85. Microcontroller Based Digital locking system (Password) for Two wheeler

86. Telephone line based Audio Muting and Light ON/OFF Control System

87. Microcontroller Based voice controlled Machines

88. Microcontroller Based Railway track crack Detecting Vehicle

89. Voice operated home appliances controlling system

90. PWM based single phase AC induction motor with closed loop controller

91. Microcontroller Based Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)

92. Microcontroller based automatic paint marking machine

93. Automatic multiple transformer fault detection and production system

94. Microcontroller Based Gas leakage detection and auto dialing

95. Design of prototype static VAR compensator

96. Microcontroller Based Railways Accident Avoiding System

97. Microcontroller Based Intelligent Braking System

98. Telephone Line Based Generic Switching System by using Microcontroller

99. SCADA for A.C motor controller with IGBT based control system

100. Microcontroller Based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

111. Microcontroller Based Self centering Four-jaw Chuck

112. Automatic Accident avoiding system in Machine

113. Microcontroller Based Automatic Water Level Indicator and Controlling System

114. Microcontroller Based Digital Fuel Level Indicator

115. Microcontroller Based Automatic car Over taking System

116. High Way High Sp d Sensing and Automatic Sp d Controlling System

117. Microcontroller based automatic visitor guided vehicle

118. Finger print based banking system

119. Microcontroller Based Incubator

120. Sensor Based Automatic st ring control system for Automobile

121. Microcontroller Based Automatic Electro-Plating Coating System

122. Microcontroller Based automatic glucose flow rate controller

123. Microcontroller based mini-computer dictionary

124. Microcontroller Based mono rail system

125. Coin box based water filling system

126. Microcontroller based wireless energy transmitter with power cutoff system

127. Microcontroller Based Fire Fighting AGV

128. Microcontroller Based Automatic medicine announcement system

129. Automatic Vehicle Over Sp d Indication and Controlling System

130. Microcontroller Based Automatic Traffic and Str t Light Controlling System

131. Microcontroller based talking key pad for blind people

132. Embedded Sensor System For Early Pathology Detection In Building Construction

133. Prototype of RF based station intimation coach status information and control system

134. Prevention D.C current injection into transformer less grid connector inverters

135. A Local Area GPS Preudolite Based MARS Navigation System.

136. GPS Based System For Minimizing Folds Of Heavy Equipment Operators

137. Signal Indicator For Vehicles In Single Hairpin Bend And Vehicle Counter

138. An Embedded System For Position And Sp d Measurement Adopting Incremental Encoders

139. RFID Based System For Class Room Identification For Visually Impaired

140. Intelligent RFID based traffic control and regulation using CAN Bus

141. Finger Based License And RFID Based RC Book For Vehicle

142. Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection

143. RFID Based Ignition System For Vehicles

144. Bus Identification System For Visually Impaired People

145. Remote distribution transformer monitoring and controlling system using F.M

146. An performance of intellectual petrol bags for vehicle using wireless equipment and arm microcontroller

147. Solid state direct online starter for medium voltage thr phase induction motor with soft start operation

148. Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train

149. Automated pollution detection and monitoring system using carbon sensors

150. Automatic Wet Grinder Controller With Water Tank

151. GPS and GSM Based I-Security system

152. Automatic Traffic Controller For Ambulance And VIP Vehicles

153. Involuntary toll gate system for vehicle traffic management

154. Microcontroller based wireless energy meter

155. Finger print based door open close system

156. PID Based Flow Controller

157. GSM based Tele-monitoring system

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